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New Year New Move?





New Year New Move?


Don’t you think that’s a good question?  After all we are Estate Agents and that’s what our job is all about.   However our job is actually more than that,  It’s all about how we do it!


People buy and sell property for a wide range of reasons.  The most obvious is that you actually want to move and are looking forward to it.  But what if you are selling through circumstance?  What if it’s due to a bereavement, to a divorce or because financially you have no choice?  That’s where Paragon believe we come into our own.


Sympathetic, empathetic, polite, caring and always professional.  However you choose to describe it, we listen.  Paragon also understands  and we are here to do the best for you.  We will discuss with you the best way forward given your circumstances and we will advise on the best approach for you.  We have a range of techniques, many ways to promote and market your property as well as a database of clients looking to buy.



Paragon Property sell Houses.  It’s what we do.





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